DELUXE HYALURON PEN Course (2 Days) – £990 + VAT

Non-invasive technology of injecting Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers, Meso-therapy without any needles

Course Covers:
Lip Volume
Fat Dissolving
Hair Loss
Skin Tightening
Stretch Marks

The Deluxe Hyaluron Pen system works by injecting the product at pressure high enough for a fine stream of liquid to penetrate the skin
You can do Dermal fillers for lips and superficial lines, Mesotherapy & lypolasis now without any needles, pain, bleeding, bruises and discomfort

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyaluron Pen is a rather simplistic device that allows generating enough pressure to launch Hyaluron Acid mixture into human skin. However, by no means, is it a miracle solution that will turn lips of any sort into lush and beautiful or remove all the wrinkles. It is just a device of transferring one liquid that is pretty vital when it comes to antiaging and beauty into human skin.

BEAUTY DELUXE HYALURON PEN it’s a tool to deliver some quality filler and combined with skills of shaping lips and ideally with some quality pigmentation the results can be beautiful.

Well, as a matter of fact, those two belong in different universes that overlap only a tiny bit (even though the part those overlap is blowing out greatly at the moment).

Namely, fillers are injections that can have a large effect on the overall look of the human face. The thicker the filler is, the deeper it is injected and the larger and usually also permanent the effect is.

When it comes to Hyaluron Pen the fillers that can be used are very liquid and can only be inserted to the upper layer of dermis – Papillary dermis.

This means that it only competes with a small category of HA fillers that do the same thing. Whilst being limited when it comes to deeper or subnormal injections (where filler injections are used to achieve results), Hyaluron Pen pretty much dominates in its own category because of its ease of use.

The client has a problem and Hyaluron Pen solves it elegantly. Some concrete examples? Small and thin lips – usually with a 0.5 ml – 1 ml the problem is solved. Same applies to wrinkles. Heavy and deep smile lines propose a problem – simple. Hyaluron Pen provides a solution that works – wrinkles disappear. Thus in this sense, we can be talking about a concrete problem solver not just another one of those “enhancing” solutions that definitely make something a little bit better, however, does not solve the true problem. When you want a change that can clearly be seen, then we absolutely suggest, you opt in for the Hyaluron Pen.

NO PREVIOUS QUALIFICATION required to attend the course

The insurance is guaranteed after course completion 

Kit Content:

• Deluxe Hyaluron Pen
• Set of 5 capsules
• Lips/Wrinkles Filler
• Revitalization Filler
• Hyaluronic Acid Mask
• Fat dissolving/Body Slim Serum
• Meso Lift Serum
• Revitalize Serum

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